This Monterey business noticed multiple roof leaks on four of its buildings—but removing and replacing any roof would have interrupted day-to-day operations and had a significant impact on the business.

After conducting a thorough inspection, SSB’s Roof Coating team recommended an Acrylic Roof Coating, which was a much more cost-effective solution. Working with an experienced three-man crew, SSB was able to restore all four metal roofs (a total of 36,000 SF) in just eight weeks.

First, the team retightened or replaced fasteners where necessary, and repaired over 300 sections of severely deteriorated roofing with 26ga sheet metal.  These repairs were then patched and sealed with polyester fabric and AcryShield A400 elastomeric coating prior to pressure washing to minimize leak points.

Next, the team applied RustShield inhibitive primer to any rust-affected areas.  RustShield is imperative to slow rust erosion once it’s started. After this, they applied Acryshield A400 elastomeric coating with polyester fabric to all seams, penetrations, and skylight perimeters.

Finally, they applied two finish coats of Acryshield A400 elastomeric coating over the entire roof surface at not less than 12mils dry film thickness per coat.

Once completed, the Acrylic Roof Coating added 10 more years of life to the four roofs, providing long-lasting waterproofing as well as energy savings. With no roof tear-off and no downtime, the owners realized significant cost savings over roof replacement.