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Building connections and giving back

As a third-generation family business, SSB is rooted in the local community—and committed to supporting several vital non-profit organizations.


The Natividad Foundation is dedicated to assisting women, children, and families receive quality health care regardless of their ability to pay. There are countless stories of the impact that this foundation has had on those in the community. Stephen Goldman currently serves on the board.


Hartnell College, and the Hartnell College Foundation, are pillars of the educational community on the Monterey Peninsula. Hartnell contributes to the growth and vitality of our region by preparing students for a variety of jobs, from health care and farming and engineering and construction. Having Stephen Goldman serve on the board allows for SSB to give back to our community and support local students.

The Andrew and Phyllis D’Arrigo Charitable Foundation is devoted to public and charitable causes serving the residents of the City of Salinas and Salinas Valley. Andy D’Arrigo is a longtime SSB customer. His family’s vision for helping the children in this community thrive, particularly those who have faced adverse circumstances in their life, has been an inspiration to Stephen and the entire SSB team. We are honored to help carry out Andy’s legacy of giving back to this community.

Stephen Goldman is also dedicated to feeding the homeless and hungry. Every Sunday, you can find him working with Al & Friends in Monterey, serving nutritious, wholesome breakfasts to those in need.



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