Our clients, horse enthusiasts who own property in Carmel Valley, commissioned the SSB Construction team to design and build a large open-frame equestrian facility to provide year-round protection from the elements for both horses and riders.

The completed pre-manufactured metal roof-only structure is 16,000 total square feet (80’ x 200’) with a 20-foot tall clear-span roof. Our crews also installed a perimeter wood fence and suspended LED lighting.

One of the most challenging aspects of working on this project was getting our trucks and large equipment out to the job site while navigating narrow rural roads with many low overhanging tree branches. We adjusted by offloading some equipment to smaller trucks and (with the owner’s permission) trimming back some of the lowest-hanging branches.

This gorgeous facility that will bring the owners and their horses great joy for many years to come. Ride on! (See gallery below for more photos.)