About Us

SSB wouldn’t be where it is today without the hard work of the past. The company was founded in 1946 by Homer Goldman and is now a third generation family business. In 1960 the company expanded from being an exclusive Butler Building dealer, dealing mostly in steel, SSB became a full-service Design and Build General Contractor. SSB became involved in all types of construction, including wood-frame, concrete tilt-up, and masonry in addition to steel. Warren D. Goldman bought the family business in 1981 and carried on the tradition until 1990 when he sold it to his sons, Jeff and Stephen. Jeff and Stephen continue to adapt to the latest in building and construction advances that keep SSB as the standard bearer for quality construction.

What began with our grandfather as a career built on integrity, teamwork, commitment and long-lasting friendships has remained the cornerstone of SSB continuing to stand for Solid, Sustainable, Building. If you need a new facility, a new addition to an existing structure, or simply want to have a brainstorming session to decide your next building move, give SSB a call today at 831-424-1647.


At SSB we use the highest quality materials. This not only increases the life of your building, but will also save on material and repair costs over the years. At SSB we get it right the first time, creating a building that stands the test of time, no matter what the weather. SSB is approaching 70 years in the business, so you can rest assured that SSB is here to stay. We continue to be the premiere builder on the Central Coast and have the experience to handle anything that comes our way.


SSB creates costs savings with energy efficient buildings and cutting edge roof coating technology. This helps to control the temperature in your building, which is important whether you are keeping your workers cool, or your produce. This temperature control leads to lower energy bills. Our buildings can take advantage of all state-of-the-art energy saving systems, and we constantly stay at the forefront of innovation so that we can offer our clients an assortment of options to best suit your needs.


Our process is what separates SSB from the competition. Our process is tailored to the needs of each client. It is that hands-on planning that results in the best, most well thought out, and cost effective strategies. The number one reason for cost over-runs is that something unexpected comes up. While there are often things that pop-up that cannot be predicted, most potential changes can be mitigated with pro-active plans that hedge against uncertainty and makes sure there is always a Plan B. In this area, SSB can proudly claim we are unrivaled.

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